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The Complete Guide of RC Battle Tanks

Planning to get your RC tank into an RC tank battle then you need to know everything about RC battle tanks, First of all which are remote controlled tanks can participate into an imitated battle with other remote controlled tank, Most of RC tanks can actually battle and that depends on the type of tank, the system installed in it and the battle rules.



Classification of RC Battle Tanks :


As you may know if you have read RC Tanks guide that RC tanks are divided into two main classifications, basically in each class- the tanks are identical to each other and the main different in each class- is the firing capability or the firing system installed in the tank.


1- Infrared RC Battle Tanks

Tanks which uses infrared signals within a battle system installed in it as its main firing capability.
 2- Airsoft RC Battle Tanks

Tanks which can fire BB bullets by using an Airsoft gun mostly with recoiling as its main firing capability.



RC battle tank




The Battles of RC Tanks :


Battles organized by a group of tankers or RC tank clubs which contain a number of combatants each participating with his own RC battling Tank from the same classification ( type ) fulfilling the battle rules.

RC tank battle are actually a simulation of the real battle where tanks could shoot or get damaged within an controlled system which regulate the battle factors like engine damage sound, damage blast, speed loss and limited operation state.



IR Tank Battles : The participant uses RC battling tanks equipped with Infrared battle systems and is the most common type of battles for RC tanks ( almost every tank club in the world organize this type of battles ).


Airsoft battle : The participant uses RC  battling tanks equipped with an Airsoft canon shooting BB bullets at other participating tanks, Its the less common type of battles and rarely occurs ( NEAD club in Virginia,USA is one of the few clubs that organize Airsoft tank battles ).



How to find these battles ?


You are free to gather a group of your “tanker” friends to organize a small battle, Or you can head for the high rollers in RC tank clubs and i am sure you could find them in our RC Tank clubs directory.






Battle Rules :


Each battle has its own rules set by the organizing group or tank club, Rules usually are a set of requirements should be included in the participating tank, As you will find below a list of the most important battle rules to keep in mind before buying your RC battle tank.


  • IR Battle System : Most battles require a specific type of IR battle unit, Its a golden rule in RC tank battles making sure each combatant has a compatible battle system ( Tamiya compatible units are the best ).


  • Battle unit installation : Its where the battle system parts are located in the tank.


  • Tank Scale : The scale of the tank is the most important rule of any battle ( 1:16 – 1:24 are the most popular scales ).


  • Type : The type of the tank is sometimes a rule for the battles.


  • MFU : The multi function unit or the mother board of the tank maybe a requirement of the battle.


You may find in-depth list in RC tank clubs guide.


RC Battle Tanks




Battle Parts of RC Tanks :


IR Battle Tank :


IR Battle unit :


1- Main Unit Board ( Circuit ): The main circuit controlling and connecting the entire battle system in the tank turret.

2- IR Sensor : The sensor or as some call it the mushroom receives the IR signals from other tanks as hits.

3- IR LED  : You may call it the real gun sends IR signals as battle shells and is located mainly in a small hole beside the canon.

4- Wires : Wires connecting the system together and with MFU and the rest of the tank.


IR battle system



Airsoft Battle Tank :


1- Airsoft Unit : A device located in the turret controls the BB bullets shooting.

2- Wires : Connects the Airsoft unit to the MFU.





How To Buy RC Battle Tank?


Willing to buy an RC battle tank you must choose the type of battle you are willing to get into, then make a checklist of the rules mentioned before in order to get a tank compatible with the battles you are planning to participate, finally check Local or online stores for a tank with the same specifications or similar ( note: modifications is the rule in this hobby ).



Where To Buy RC Battle Tank?

Recommended RC Online Stores :


  1. Amazon
  2. Ebay
  3. Hobbytron



Best RC Battle Tanks:


Best IR Battle Tanks :


  Taigen 1/16 Tiger 1 Early Version Plastic
VS Tank 1/24
M1A2 Abrams
iPlay Set of 2 Tanks
Leopard – Tiger
Small scale
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Best Airsoft Battle Tanks :


 WSN/Tumpeter 1/16
Tiger 1
M1A2 Abrams 1/16
Desert Camouflage
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