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RC Tank Clubs Guide and Clubs Clickable Map

So, You are looking about RC tank clubs, As a future tanker joining a club will be a huge step for your life as a hobbyist or a collector, After all the great thing about RC tanks is the competition as for battles or even showcasing, Everyone wants to be the best tank or the most details from there the passion of the RC Tanks begin. Therefore you don’t want to waste a minute without joining an RC Tank club.


RC Tank clubs are organized communities some of them are official ( some tank clubs are organized by local Armour museums ) some are not, some clubs have indoor/outdoor locations and facilities on the other hand you will find clubs occupying public parks or streets,  Activities and events related to RC Tanks usually takes place in those clubs like RC tank battles ( IR Battles ), Building historic battlefields and showcasing the piece of art tanks, As they also organize meets and seminars about war and Armour history and sometimes they initiate workshops for RC tanks How to- and common problems.


Note: Clubs events usually happens in a monthly or even weekly basis and holidays.



rc tank club





The Features of being a member in an RC Tank Club :


As a member in a club you will get most of the features below-


  • Display : You get to display your tank in exhibits and tank show events.
  • Forum : As a member in RC tank you will have an access to the club private online forum, group or even whatsapp group.
  • Discounts : Many RC suppliers and manufacturers offer decent discounts to members of RC tank clubs.
  • Insurance : Some of clubs offer insurance for tanker and members.
  • Relations : you get in contact with tankers and clubs around the world.
  • Resources : You will have an access to several resources, manuals or books  about RC Tanks hobby that are exclusive to members use.
  • Battle : Participation on organized RC tank battles ( IR battles or Airsoft battles ) Mostly IR.
  • Workshops : Useful group learning and building workshops for the members.
  • Trips : Many clubs organize trips for Armour museums and war historic monuments across the world.
  • Seminars : offering seminars about Armour wars, history and RC Technologies.




How to join RC Tank club ?


rc tank clubs


you are now convinced that a club can add to your experience in the RC tank hobby and you want in i will tell you how, First of all you should find the most respectful and the nearest club to you for that you should use our interactive map containing the largest database for RC Tanks around the world ( if you didn’t find a suitable club you can look up on google or facebook groups) ,

After finding the perfect club you should get contact information it could be an email or a link to a website or a page and it and it could be a number, then use those information to contact the head of the club and ask him about joining the club, the contact then will tell you about their club requirements and their next meet or event.

Its just that easy there are no hard steps but you should fulfill the requirement of the club you will ask to join and there is a hint about the most common for RC Clubs.



RC Tank Clubs Around The World & US Map :





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The Requirements To Join RC Tank Clubs :


First of all you need to know that the people behind RC Tank clubs are very similar to your condition they are just fans and collectors of RC tanks ( its not a secret society for godsake ), My point is that it is not very complicated to join a club or even start one and most of the clubs don’t have strict requirements about the new members.

I gathered some of the most common requirements for joining RC clubs  and here they are below –


  • Scale : Most clubs require specific scale for the member’s tank usually 1/16 scale and larger.
  • Brand : Some clubs require a specific tank’s brand, but you can be sure that if your tank is in good shape and its brand is respectful there will be no problem.
  • Tank Type : Tank’s type is not a common requirement but  there are clubs that prefers specific types mostly the popular ones like Tiger tank or Sherman tank.
  • Battle Unit : An important requirement that allow the tanks to fight or get into IR battles organized by the club, In order to do it the battle units in the participating tanks should be compatible or the same type, Tamiya battle unit is the most common to use.
  • MFU/Board : The multi function unit or the mother board of the tank can be limited to specific types or models by tank clubs.
  • Membership Fees : Fees is required for membership in some cases but not necessarily.
  • Battle or Event Fees : Fees for battle participating or event organization can be required.
  • Age : Some clubs are age restricted.
  • Clothing : Specific clothes ( mostly printed T-shirts ) but rarely required.
  • Eye Protection : A safety gear for Airsoft Battles.





Battlefields :


The battlefield is one of the greatest features of RC tank clubs, Battlefields are usually built for display or for battling and building the battlefield for the tanks is a hobby itself, It can imitate the real historic location for a battle or a city containing varied terrain, buildings, ruins , fortifications, and rivers.

Building the battlefield is always depends on the team work between club members and making is can take weeks or months, it can be indoor or outdoor and each one has its own features.

For example of AAF Tank Museum battlefield is well known indoor battlefield in Virginia, USA.