The Ultimate Guide of German RC Tiger Tank


One of the most popular RC tanks in the hobby is the German RC Tiger Tank. A legend in war history and the crown jewel of the German Armour industry which gave it a huge place in the mind of tank models collectors now, therefore almost all of RC tanks manufacturer produce multiple Variants of tiger tanks.

if you are interested in remote controlled tiger tank you will find every thing you want to know about it in this article.


rc tiger tank


The History of Tiger Tanks :


Tiger I Tank :


its june 1941, Nazi Germans just launched an invasion of the soviet union in world war 2 facing T-34 AND kV01 soviet tanks, the soviet heavy tanks proved their immune to most of Nazis tanks and guns.

Then Germans realized that they need another main heavy tank to count on, Therefore Henschel developed and submitted the design of Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf. E or Tiger I and was given its nickname “Tiger” by Ferdinand Porsche.

Heavy Armour,Improved 88 mm gun with cutting edge engine and suspension system, The production went on shortly on August 1942 producing 1,347 tank in two years of production being one of the most deadly vehicles in the war with 5.74:1 kill/loss ratio.


tiger tank


Tiger II – King Tiger – :


On August 1944,The production of Henschel designed Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf. B or Tiger II started and replaced tiger 1 production line, Tiger II was much more improved weighting up to 70 tonnes with thicker Armour and two versions of turrets Porsche turret and Henschel turret.

The Tank was operated in the first combat by the 1st Company of the 503rd Heavy Panzer Battalion,Tiger 2 proved effective participation in battles making records of kill/loss ratio.

King Tiger was never used on full scale because the allied forces were advancing on several Axis, Only 492 units were produced because of The raids on Henschel plants.



RC Tiger Tank :


Because of its legendary role and its revolutionary design, tiger tank became The RC tank collectors sweetheart. Most of tank collectors even owning  one or wanting one, As the manufacturers responded to the huge demand on models of tiger by producing dozens of variants , parts and upgrades.

Static tiger models, RC Ready to run ( RTR ) tiger models and RC tiger tank kits are the best selling tanks for most brands and shops.


rc tiger tank


RC Tiger Tank Variants :


RC Tiger I :

  • Tiger I Early production period
  • Tiger I Mid production period 
  • Tiger I Late production period 


RC Tiger II ( RC King Tiger ) :

  • King Tiger production turret (Henschel Turret)
  • King Tiger Porsche Turret
  • King Tiger Ardennes Front



Tiger tank Variants




RC Tiger Camouflage :


Tiger tanks have more than 52 patterns of camouflage have been used in the tank service, To do the paint job by your hands you may choose one of them and study the picture of the camouflage before beginning. We gathered three of the most popular patterns in use for RC tiger.


One Tone Pattern Two Tone Pattern Three Tone Pattern
rc tiger pattern taigen tiger tank


Check this great resource about tiger tanks camouflage patterns from here.





Top RC Tiger Brands , Versions and Prices:


Tiger tank almost has versions in almost every scale and brand Starting from 1/72 till 1/4 scale and every one of them has its own qualifications and features, So we made a list of popular RC Tiger tank versions and  included the the scale of 1/72 to 1/4 but the main focus in on 1/16 tank which is highly recommended for a hobbyist.

Note: 1/16 is the best scale you can get and usually can be customized easily. Most tank Clubs and Battles require 1/16 scale tank.



Small Scale ( 1/72 , 1/24 ) Tiger Tank :


1/72 Tiger Tank 1/24 Tiger Tank

Tiger I Tank
Sound – Rotating Turret
Recoil Action

1/72 rc Tiger tank

Tiger I Tank
Airsoft Metal Cannon Model
Sound – Desert Camouflage

1/24 rc tiger tank

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1/16 RC Tiger 1 Tank ( 1:16 ) Assembly Kits :


Tamiya Taigen

RC Tiger I – Full Option Kit  – ITEM# 56010

tamiya rc tiger tank

Tiger 1 Early Version Metal Edition KIT
TAG 120616

taigen tiger tank

 The Best Tiger 1 Tank unassembled kit in the market with the highest quality and realistic details ever as Tamiya staff have really copied every detail and sound from the last remaining working tiger in a museum in France.

 Unpainted, Barrel recoil, Machine Gun and Metal tracks are the main advantages of this kit.

 High quality Metal unassembled Kit of Tiger 1 made by Taigen, the tank is quite detailed and realistic come in airsoft version and IR version and the most important feature in Taigen kit is the metal parts as the turret, the barrel and the chassis

Unpainted, 2.4GHz transmitter is included.


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1/16 RC Tiger 1 RTR ( Ready to Run 1:16 ) Tank :


Taigen WSN/Tumpeter HengLong

Tiger 1 Late Version Metal
( IR & Airsoft )
TAG 12040

taigen tiger tank

Tiger 1  Infrared Battle System
Sound systems
wsn rc tiger tank
 Tiger 1 Tank
( smoke – sound )henglong rc tiger

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1/16 RC King Tiger Tank ( 1:16 ):


Tamiya Taigen Heng long
King Tiger Henschel Turret
 -Assembly Kit –
ITEM# 56004tamiya rc king tiger
King Tiger Henschel Turret Metal
RTR ( IR & Airsoft )
TAG 13530taigen king tiger tank
 King Tiger Porsche Turret
Air Soft  RTR
(Upgrade Version / Metal Gear ,Tracks – Smoke – Sound)henglong king tiger


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1/6 RC Tiger tank ( 1:6 ) :


Mark 1 Tank 1/6
King Tiger Tank
1/6 king tiger $4823

Mark 1 Tank Page


1/4 RC Tiger Tank ( 1:4 ) :


Mark 1 Tank 1/4
King Tiger Tank
 1/4 king tiger

The price is set by custom quote

Mark 1 Tank Page






RC Tiger Battles : 


Tiger tank is widely used in tank battles if it was equipped with Infra red signal battle systems. if you are planning to battle with your tiger then the best choice is to buy IR compatible tank or equip the tank with Tamiya compatible battle units that are widely in use on battles organized all over the world.



RC Tiger Clubs :


Most of RC tank clubs have at least one member who own RC tiger and this is a the lowest it can get, As RC Tanks hobby is mainly concentrated on world war 2 and the military equipment in this period therefore alot of related events and showcasing take place in clubs.


RC Battle organized by Remote controlled Tank club simulating the battle of bastonge of ww2.